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Printed circuit board wire connections


Electronic Pcb Manufacturing Custom Circuit Design

Electronic Pcb Manufacturing Custom Circuit Design

This is a simple operation, low cost and high reliability of the connection, does not require any connectors, as long as the wire on the printed circuit board with the external connection points outside the board components or other components directly welded can. For example, a speaker in a radio, a battery box, or the like. This method has the advantage of low cost, high reliability, can avoid the fault caused by poor contact, the disadvantage is not enough convenient maintenance. This method is generally applicable to fewer external lead occasions, such as tape recorders, televisions, small instruments and so on.
Welded by wire should pay attention to the following points:

(1) the external circuit board as far as possible to lead to the edge of the entire board,o

and arranged in accordance with uniform size, in order to facilitate welding and maintenance.

(2) In order to improve the mechanical strength of the wire connection, to avoid pulling the pad to pull the pad or printed line should be printed on the PCB near the solder joints, so that the wire from the circuit board through the welding surface Through the larvae 1, and then from the component surface into the pad hole for welding.

(3) the wire arrangement or bundled neatly, through the line card or other fasteners will be fixed with the board to avoid damage due to movement of the wire break.

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