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LED panel lights give perfect commercial and residential lighting

LED panel lights give perfect commercial and residential lighting

LED lighting and other improvements have some weaknesses. One of them is that the lighting is a bit too sharp to the human eye. LED light source in a clean second stare, eyes will not be comfortable.
This is not to say that as a friendly incandescent lamps. Therefore, many use frosted glass lamps, to a variety of these lights, and trying to give a better feeling. These lights are getting better and better. Wherein the lights are LED panel lights, they come from the idea of ​​the light grid. Of course there are in the market LED Grille, which includes a grid infrastructure in three of the lamp tube. Not bad, but from the idea of ​​frosted lamps, designers began to do, rather than tubular lamps some PC’s overall panel lights.
So how do you make such a perfect light? We use SMD LED as the light source, usually a patch 5050 and 3528 leadership. SMD 5050 and SMD 3528 LED lights are also the main source tape.
Similar with LED lights, LED panel lights with SMD3528 or SMD5050 hundreds to complete a panel unit. There are two main types on the market LED panel lights. One is within the power supply, and the other is outside the panel power. The former must be relatively thicker, some people may 8 cm, with a panel at the bottom of a SMD. The latter can only side 3CM, with SMD
panel. Which is better? uncertain. Thick one could theoretically better, but it also depends on manufacturing and materials.
In order to measure our focus on certain aspects, LED panel lights.
1, PCB design.
2, a light source.
3, the power factor.
4, manufacturing.

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