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How to prevent PCB board warping?

Multilayer Flexible Pcb Board With Assembly

Multilayer Flexible Pcb Board With Assembly


Warpage of the circuit board will cause the components are not allowed to locate. Board bending in the SMT, THT, the components pin is not neat, it will give the assembly and installation work to bring a lot of difficulties.

IPC-6012, SMB – SMT circuit board maximum warpage or distortion of 0.75%, the other board warpage is generally not more than 1.5%; electronic assembly plant to allow the warpage (double / multi-layer) is usually 0.70 — 0.75%, (1.6mm plate thickness). In fact, many boards such as SMB, BGA board warping requirements of less than 0.5%; part of the factory and even less than 0.3%;
PC-TM-650 2.4.22B
Calculation of Warpage = Warpage Height / Curved Edge Length

Prevent Warpage of circuit board:
1. Engineering design: Layers should be corresponding to the arrangement of prepreg;
Multilayer board core and prepreg should use the same supplier products;
Outer C / S surface area as close as possible, you can use an independent grid;
2. Bake the board before cutting
Generally 150 degrees 6 – 10 hours, excluding the plate of water vapor, and further to completely cure the resin, in order to eliminate the stress plate;
You need to drying whether the inner or double-sided board before open the material.
3. Multilayer PCB laminated plate should be noted before the plate solidification of the latitude and longitude direction:
The direction of the longitudinal direction of the core board should also pay attention to; the general direction of the plate curing film direction; CCL to the long direction of the warp and weft direction to the warp and weft direction,
long direction of the warp and weft direction to the warp and weft direction,
4. Laminated thickness to eliminate the stress after the pressure plate platen, trim flash;
5. Drilling before drying board: 150 degrees 4 hours;
6. Sheet is best not through the mechanical grinding brush, the proposed chemical cleaning; plating using a special fixture to prevent the plate bending folding.
7. Spraying tin in the rear of the marble or flat on the natural cooling to room temperature or flotation bed cooling after cleaning;
Warping plate treatment:
150 degrees or hot 3 – 6 hours, the use of smooth and smooth the weight of the plate, 2-3 baking;






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