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Getting a prototype printed circuit board (PCB): make it easy

Getting a prototype printed circuit board (PCB): make it easy

In the design of new products, or modify existing, prototype design and get a printed circuit board (PCB) it is often a difficult and expensive task. If we examine why this is so, we will discover how to make the process easy.

Like is built to your specifications of other products, the new printed circuit board has a certain direction is the same, regardless of the production of how big or small upfront cost. To design a new board of directors, or modify existing, there will be a project cost. There will also be producing a new cost of the new board to the solder mask. Remember, if you change a component or you completely redesign the circuit board from the solder resist any change has been paid, will require a new one.

It is a small change in the PCB, should have a small fee to implement this change common misconception. As you can see, change is a change on the cost of the printed circuit board. It also does not follow the project. Often the case that someone years ago by a design engineer a product, they want the case to another engineer slightly modified. The new engineers will need to review the existing design, to see how best to achieve the desired change.

This may be frustrating to pay the company, because they can feel cheated to pay the cost of a new PCB close, they just want to modify their existing PCB.

To solve this problem is that when you start from scratch and PCB design work with a firm that will help you do just a rainy day.

Let the PCB, in addition to power and optical power, there will be two inputs and two outputs example. It may be, if not impossible, that the product under the additional functionality required iteration, assuming four inputs and three outputs and display. The details of this iteration is not expected in the forefront, but it is in line with the next logical iteration will benefit sometime in the future (which may even years later).

Remember, there is a fixed cost to a solder mask and engineering time. Additional cost compared to the cost of re-engineering the future of design desirable feature is negligible. It is precisely because of your circuit on the PCB does not mean you have to do when you have a circuit board to fill it. You can have two versions of the board in nature.

While it is true, you still will have to make changes in the microcontroller software, it will be easier than modifying the entire board, cheaper.

If you stay on the board, and with a good copy of the software you want to modify it notes take notes, it would be especially true.

When you are seeking to have PCB design and construction, to find a company that will help you work through these issues. Use their expertise to see what is proper planning, which are not. If the company you are using does not want to help you this; find another one does not.

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